Planet Zar: Nexus

Candidate Arrival


For in-depth information regarding the Heimdall itself, see here.

Arrival & Processing

Candidates arriving at the Heimdall are immediately escorted out of the hangar bays directly to processing.  During processing, ambassadors and science offers determine the suitability of a candidate and affix them with a paging device that will alert them to the hatching. Paging devices are equipped with a limited one-time teleportation field that will bring the candidate directly to the Heimdall's hatching grounds. Once processes is complete, candidates are free to leave the Heimdall as they please or be brought directly to candidate quarters.

Quarters are small and sparse, and the Heimdall strongly recommends candidates visit Mwari Station or the Refugium for entertainment or more comfortable accommodations.

Rooms are bunk style with 4 beds per room, 1 entertainment tablet per bed, and a bathroom equipped with toilet, sink, and standing shower. There is a single exercise room for all candidates, attached to a small cafeteria that provides 3 meals on a regular schedule. All exits are locked and monitored. Staff members are available if a candidate wishes to be escorted off the Heimdall.


There are no search riders or equivalents on the Heimdall.

Clutches seeking candidates are publicly advertised on other space stations and worlds, and candidates wishing to attend a clutch must find their own means of transportation to the Heimdall.