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Planet Zar is Bughnrahk's tiny corner of the internet dedicated to creative endeavors, including writing, characters, worldbuilding, roleplay, and most importantly; dragons.

Most of this site is PG-13.
More adult areas will be clearly marked.

Bugh is available for roleplaying, worldbuilding collab, and general nexus shenanigans.
I enjoy making/playing expies as well as AU versions of my characters.

PLANET ZAR; primary sci-fi hub, featuring aliens, space stations, various planets (alien, colonized, wild), as well as our primary dragon agency the refugium.

THE HEIMDALL; technically exists right alongside many features in "planet zar", but has enough development to warrant its own section. The Heimdall is a hub to a group of space marines and dastardly scientific experimentation.

BYTHEREM; historical fantasy world, where dinosaurs rein as supreme fauna.

SHIGAN WEYR; on no it's pern

Planet Zar

Science fiction | Space Opera | Multitude of Aliens & Worlds | Utopia

"Planet Zar" itself is a singular, dying planet orbited by several inhabited moons and space stations. A popular hub for action and adventure in this tangled mess of a universe.

This header covers all sci-fi/futuristic characters, settings, and species.

Table of Contents

Agency: The Refugium Zar
Species Compendium Mwari Station
Roster of Residents Vykeli

The Heimdall

Science Fiction | Space Marines | Weird Science | Corporate Greed

The Heimdall is a well-organized, well-funded mercenary vessel with it's own internal political structure consisting of a science team and military units. It's led by Dr. Krum & General Rosenheim, a pair of formidable women who strongly support each other's endeavors.

Table of Contents

Agency: The Laboratory
Roster of Residents


High Fantasy | Magic | Steampunk | Deities | Dinosaurs

A high-fantasy world built around living deities, dinosaurs as the primary fauna, and a sapient magic system. While humans exist, they are far from the dominant race. Currently, a malicious fungal growth called the bleed has infected much of the western continents. Leaving any walled city means treading directly into danger.

Table of Contents

Agency: Sanctuary
Races & Cultures
Religion & Deities
Flora & Fauna
Roster of Residents

Shigan Weyr

Pern | Semi-Canon | Eleventh Pass | Moderate Tech

A semi-canonical pern set in the eleventh pass, with some additional technology available. Shigan follows lore, culture, and impression guidelines similar to Dragonchoice. Men and women are considered equals, queen-rider and her mate may not necessarily be the weyr's leaders, and sexuality has no bearing on impression.

Table of Contents

Agency: Shigan Weyr
Roster of Residents