Planet Zar: Nexus


Hangar Bay

Home to visiting space vessels and the dock for Refugium's own exploration and research fleet. Elevators available inside the hangar bay will lead visitors directly to the biome decks and Janos City.

Janos City

A sprawling city of clustered business and recreational areas for visitors and residents alike to enjoy! Many of the Refugium's staff reside in apartments here, choosing the welcome sight of close steel walls to vast, open wilderness. Most streets are wide enough to accommodate medium-large dragons, but Janos was set up with humanoid comforts in mind.


The Refugium's goal in helping endangered species leaves its doors open for a host of affiliations. Located within Janus city is an embassy for representatives of endangered sapient species who do not wish to reside on the Refugium itself and partners with similar goals and resources. The Refugium happily shares its library of knowledge, biological research, and it's spacious flying and clutching grounds with its affiliates.

Ambassadors are assigned a permanent residence within the embassy tower, which typically consists of a large communal recreational area and kitchen, and several luxury sleeping quarters. Those who work in a scientific profession are also given an access key to the Refugium's labs, where they can utilize research and resources. Some aspects of the labs remain off limits for the privacy and security of those sapient species who wish to align only with the Refugium itself.

The Refugium is always willing to expand its list of allies and openly welcomes new ambassadors and affiliates. It only requires that there be an exchange of knowledge or resources in order to maintain ties. Diplomats from other races or organizations are welcome to contact the Refugium's board of directors with their desire to affiliate, wherein their proposal will be screened and voted upon.

Typically, the Refugium looks for affiliates that fit one of more of the following criteria:

- a desire to aid and preserve endangered draconic species, including alliance with the species itself
- interest in genetic and biological research related to the health and breeding of draconic species
- research related to disease and other pathologies that affect draconic species
- interest in preserving unique biomes, flora, and fauna, particularly those whose home planets are no longer viable. The Refugium is always willing to expand its own biodome decks to accommodate these.
- organizations related to conservation, environmentalism, and the rights and welfare of draconic species across the nexus
- organizations which act as a refuge or asylum for displaced draconic entities

Research Labs

Located directly beneath Janos City, the research labs are a large deck able to accommodate all manner of species. The labs are dedicated to researching the biology of endangered bonding species. Access prohibited to visitors and civilians.

Biodome Decks

Most of Refugium is dedicated to these massive chambers, built to imitate a species Homeworld as accurately as possible for the comfort and health of its inhabitants. Each biodome deck includes wide areas of carefully tended 'wilderness', housing for staff, residents, and visitors, and clutching bays which serve as holds for eggs and the arena where bonding takes place.

Many biodome decks have mini biodomes within the main deck for more specialized species comforts.


Lower-most deck. Access prohibited to visitors and civilians.