Planet Zar: Nexus

The Refugium

The Refugium is a massive space station dedicated to the conservation of rare and endangered bonding species. It facilitates finding candidates for clutches, granting would-be parents the security their offspring will find bondmates more readily than waiting for happenstance on distant homeworlds. Always expanding, the Refugium's many biodome decks are suitable for sustained existence on the station itself, boasting massive, cavernous holds that permit flight for winged species, and deep diving oceanic centers for swimmers.

The Refugium's hangar bay acts as a port for its many space faring vessels. It regularly sends out expeditions to the farthest corners of the universe in search of species in need. Smaller ships are sometimes tasked with the acquisition of suitable candidates, in the old weyr style of 'searching.'

Nearby is the planet Zar and two neighboring space stations: the Heimdall, a military research vessel, and Mwari Station, a bustling civilian habitation for those who don't enjoy living planet side.