Clutch 02: Imperial Luungs

DEADLINE: April 15, 2021
Clutch a) 8 eggs
Clutch b) 5 eggs

Flight Story

Clutch a) Runike Kaba & Runike Oki
Clutch b) Oneya Suka & Oneya Tono

No candidate requirements or restrictions.
Imperial Luungs are a bonding species only, sponsorships aren't permitted.
While not required, the parents of these clutches request potential bonds be willing to hyphenate their surnames with the luung's clan name. (Eg. John Smith becomes John Runike-Smith)

Clutch is located at the surface level of the Oceanic Biodome.
The nest resides atop of a rocky outcropping surrounded by warm sands. The artificial tide laps gently below the rocks in a soothing lullaby. The clutch mothers are almost ever present, with their bonds and the clutch sires visiting regularly. They welcome and encourage interaction with the eggs.