1. You need a candidate in order to bond! At minimum, a stat page that includes personality details is required. Stories are highly encouraged and should include some mention of coming to the Refugium with the intention of bonding.

  2. Candidate stats/stories can be hosted on webpages, forums, google docs, deviant art, dreamwidth, etc. As long as the information can be accessed online without registering to a website.

  3. Roleplays between two or more people can be used as candidate stories. Please make sure it's obvious who is playing which character in your submissions.

  4. Stories can be submitted in roleplay/post format, script/screen play style, prose, poetry, artwork, or comic. This is the Nexus of Today and we accept all forms of creativity!

  5. There is no minimum or maximum word count/story length requirement.

  6. Link back to the Refugium ( somewhere in your submission.

  7. Do not hotlink images. Please save and upload your dragon images to your own host.

  8. Please include content warnings for stories rated above PG-13, or which consist of potentially triggering material. Graphic sexual content is not permitted, nor is any story which includes rape or sexual content with underage characters. There are no exceptions to this.

  9. Discrimination of any kind is not permitted, this includes racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. This includes both in character and out of character content. (ie. I am unwilling to bond a dragon to a character who is racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. If your character deals with these elements in the course of your story that is fine, but please place appropriate content warnings.)

  10. You may enter as many candidates to a single clutch as you like, but this doesn't guarantee they will all bond. This is especially true for clutches with limited eggs.

  11. I reserve the right to reject any candidate/story that breaks these rules, or rules related to specific clutches/species.


  1. Candidates can be searched OR choose to come to the Refugium of their own accord. All of the Refugium's information is easily accessible to whatever futuristic interwebs are available at the time.

  2. The Refugium's search riders are all equipped with vessels that allow them to traverse space, time, and alternate dimensions.

  3. Candidates may be any species (humanoid, draconic, or otherwise), as long as they are sapient and able to care for a dragon bond. A telekinetic awakened toaster is a perfectly acceptable candidate.

  4. Candidates should be mature enough to handle a bond, which typically means being at least an older adolescent or young adult. There is no upper age limit for candidates. Send me your wizened grannies.

  5. Expies and characters derived from established fictional universes are welcome.

  6. Clone and AU versions of previously used/bonded characters (whether at the Refugium or elsewhere) are welcome! I only ask that equal effort is put into each candidate and that stats/stories aren't merely a copy/paste of one another. What about living on Pern has shaped B'ob differently than Bobinwiel the high elf?






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