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NAME dietlinde rosenheim
GENDER female
PRONOUNS she / her / hers
SPECIES genetically altered human
AGE 21
DPHDK HEIGHT 42" at shoulder
RESIDENCE the heimdall
RANK staff sergeant
ORIGIN the heimdall

art © artist | DPHDK © SmexyHajiSan

The youngest child of the Heimdall's founder and general, Dietlinde is the closest thing to a royal heir the mercenary organization can produce. She received her title of staff sergeant after only a handful of missions and understands it's mostly for show, she hasn't truly earned it. She idolizes her mother and wants desperately to emulate her poise and prowess. Proving herself worthy of the name 'Rosenheim' has become her dearest goal, blinding her to repercussion and ethical dilemmas. Dietlinde's drive is unmatched. Her furious single-minded focus makes her accomplished at completing missions, but she leaves a wake of error and loss behind her. It isn't that she lacks empathy, Dietlinde is a sociable and affectionate young woman who cares deeply about her comrades. She regrets the hurt her actions cause, but not enough to rein in her desire for success.

Dietlinde feels she is deserving of confidence she doesn't possess. Surely as General Rosenheim's daughter she should be without trepidation of any sort? But she's constantly worried she won't live up to her family name and the thought of dishonoring that is almost enough to paralyze her. She wants the respect and admiration her parents and older siblings have earned and rues that she's stuck on the Heimdall's flag station rather than offworld completing missions. The training she puts herself through to compensate is intense. Dietlinde cannot stands periods of inactivity. She frets and fusses, overcome with building energy. She needs to be occupied constantly to keep both her mind and body at ease, and spends more time than necessary on the Heimdall's training decks. 

The youngest of five children born to General Rose Rosenheim and her husband Balingen, Dietlinde was the last of a joyous family meant to begin the Heimdall's dynasty. Like many youngest siblings, Dietlinde experienced some coddling and softer treatment than her older brother and sisters. She was entirely the baby of the family and it was decided ahead of time that Dietlinde would definitely be the last of Rosenheim's children. She grew up on Heimdall's flagship surrounded by soldiers and military scientists, and from the start she was treated with cautious respect.

Coddling in her early life didn't prevent Dietlinde from wanting to be the best soldier she could be. Tactics were taught to her as soon as she could speak and she partook in youth training programs when she entered adolescence. Like her parents and siblings she was subject to Dr. Krum's genetic tampering and given the ability to shapeshift into a large, powerful dog. 

At 18 she completed her first mission off base, serving under her eldest sibling Aurich, where she proved to be a valuable, hard-working asset. She continued to prove herself an effective soldier and was eventually granted the title of staff sergeant when she reached 21. Far too young for this rank, many of her peers were resentful of her, assuming (correctly) she'd obtained it via lineage rather than merit. 

Dietlinde's first mission as a team leader was to extract a small political figure from a warring citystate. She was ruthless, but efficient, completing her mission at the cost of several casualties. General Rosenheim determined she'd pushed Dietlinde too far, too quickly, but was unwilling to strip her of rank. Now she remains grounded on the Heimdall, stuck in a limbo where she needs to gain further experience but isn't given the opportunity to leave the ship to gain it


At will and without limitation, Dietlinde can shift into a Deustche Pferd Hund des Kriege, a massive German war dog bred for strength and bravery. In her dog form, Dietlinde is 42" at the withers and built for strength and stamina. Her coat color is 'black varnish roan', a warm black splattered with white hairs. She retains her ability to rationalize as a sapient being, but can't communicate with verbal language. 


Ornate letters arrive at the Heimdall and Refugium, inviting leaders and their chosen candidates to attend an important clutch.

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