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NAME janardan
PRONOUNS he / him / his
SPECIES murdon
AGE young adult
COLOR burgundy
RESIDENCE refugium
OCCUPATION council member

lines© nerdyrotica
design & species © bughnrahk

Arrogance and confidence go hand in hand with Janardan, although he's outgrown his role is a spoiled brat and malevolent lord. Living for centuries will do that to you. He remains strong headed and intolerant of incompetence, but his patience has greatly improved and he's apt to forgive rather than punish. He is keenly observant and suspicious of malcontent, always on the look out for anyone trying to cause trouble for the Refugium. Or any of this father's other projects, for that matter. Janardan enjoys authority and demands respect, but he's a fair leader, never assigning more than someone can handle. He will not overlook shortcomings, though, especially not when the lives of endangered species are on the line. While Kutoth prefers to watch from the shadows, Janardan is ever present and brimming with social graces. His commanding presence demands attention and he revels in it.

Janardan has a deep compassion for stray souls lost in the universe and is always willing to offer a hand (and a job) to anyone who might need it. He is demonstrably affectionate with those he considers his inner circle and tends to collect wayward individuals into some kind of entourage. He despises being alone. Janardan has a free love philosophy and is constantly acquiring lovers and flings. He's not an outrageous flirt, but given half the chance he will set about wooing just about anyone who catches his fancy. He enjoys making others feel good about themselves and gifts of flowers, poetry, compliments, and good meals are the norm from him.

The one and only true living offspring of Kutoth.

  • Janardan ruled a dimension known as 'Venial', an artificially created afterlife where souls were turned into wolf-like creatures and granted powers depending on the virtue (or lack thereof) of the life they lived. Janardan took a wolfish form, a black creature more massive than any canine has a right to be, and ruled the land under the moniker of 'The Lord.'

  • Many of the wolf creatures on Venial begin to plot against The Lord, determined to overthrow him. His population of loyal subjects grows thin.

  • Janardan is approached by a high priest of a god from a distant world. He's offered an alliance. Cassimir, Lomeelian god of destruction, will aid him in crushing the rebels on Venial in exchange for Janardan and his forces joining Cassimir's quest to obliterate all other Lomeelian gods. After some deliberation, Janardan agrees.

  • The high priest, Zhicius, and a group of beasts born on the Twisted Fate, crush the rebels on Venial.

  • Janardan takes his remaining wolves and heads to Lomeelas. He is not the only ally Cassimir made. The destruction gods' armies are vast, innumerable, but the battle to overtake his world is long and bloody and Janardan loses almost all of his wolves.

  • Cassimir refuses to compensate Janardan further. When Janardan returns to Venial he finds new rebels have risen up from the dirt and taken charge of the afterlife. Janardan had left none of his own loyal wolves behind, intent on aiding Cassimir with all his forces. Now, Venial was lost to him.

  • In a rage, Janardan discharges all his great power and destroys Venial completely.
  • With his home destroyed, Janardan drops his wolf-like form and leaves for Zar, his home planet. He is rebuffed by his fellow murdon when they learn of his actions. Janardan pleads to see his father but is informed Kutoth hasn't been on Zar for centuries. Venial wasn't the only world he meddled with.

  • Janardan spends decades searching time, space, and dimensions for his father. Janardan can sense pieces of Kutoth everywhere which makes the search infinitely harder. He hears stories of 'The Ivory Prince' across his travels but cannot locate his father precisely.

  • Eventually, he returns to Zar, only to discover things have changed since his last visit. There is now a massive space station called the 'Refugium' existing in its orbit. And the founder? Kutoth himself.
  • Janardan boards the Refugium and requests to see his father.

  • Kutoth is hesitant to accept Janardan into his good graces. Their relationship had been one of conflicting interests and power struggles. Janardan had been a powerfully violent and corrupt entity for millennia and Kutoth had built a sanctuary. Could he trust his son?

  • Kutoth sends Janardan away, requesting he prove himself somehow.
  • Angered by rejection but lacking a home or allies, Janardan sets off to prove he's turned a new leaf. Sort of.

  • Revenge drives him as much as the desire to be accepted. Janardan returns to Lomeelas, cloaking himself in a human disguise. He'd help to destroy the temples of all the gods but Cassimir, driving them to the brink of existence. This was Janardan's goal.

  • He entered the last refuge of the Lomeelian gods. None recognized him in his human form.

  • He informed the gods he was sent here to rescue any he could. They could take refuge with him until they gathered enough power to strike back at Cassimir.

  • The gods themselves couldn't leave Lomeelas without the power of their temples, but they all had high priests that could act as vessels for their power. Janardan agreed to take as many as he could.

  • He used the last of his afterlife-wielding and soul-affecting powers to transport the gathering of Lomeelian priests to the Refugium.
  • Severely weakened, Janardan summoned his father to him. Seeing his son's sacrifice of power and his attempt to right the wrongs he committed, Kutoth accepted him.

  • Janardan spends his time proving himself invaluable to the Refugium. He leaves on several missions to seek out and rescue endangered species and tangles with Kutoth's
  • bureaucratic enemies.

    Janardan's efforts are eventually rewarded with a prominent position on the Refugium's board of directors.


Telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, psychic empathy


Like his father, Janardan is comfortable changing form without the use of technology. He spent decades in a wolf-like form but he's most comfortable as himself, now. He primarily uses his shapeshifting ability to infiltrate groups where he suspects foul play.


Janardan can create temporary visual illusions. His powers are mostly aligned to forming frightening things.


Janardan can shrink himself down to less than a foot tall or stretch himself to 10 times his natural height, which would put him at a gigantic 80 feet! This ability is taxing and he cannot maintain sizeshifted forms for more than a few minutes.


Allows Janar to see into peoples dreams and gain knowledge of their desires and secrets. He may also alter dreams, extend dreams, and view them from the outside.


Gives Janardan the ability to set nerves aflame at a single stroke of his claws. One touch can cause immeasurable pain. He has complete control over this power, and can tone it down or turn it off when desired.


Janardan can transform objects and living beings into gold at will, by touching them. Unlike the figure this ability was named for, Janardan has complete control over this power. He must intend to do it, for it to work.

Greer the Tralvisk
From: the Twisted Fate
3'3" - grey - male

Greer may not be the most intelligent of beasts, but he's certainly very good at deciding who's dangerous and who's not. Quite frankly, it's everyone, including Janardan himself. He protects his master fiercely, and will even bristle at the presence of Kutoth and the Refugium employees. He's quick to react as well, and will often attack without thinking or by the command of his master. He's incredibly wary and takes no chances when it comes to his master's safety. He is a noble creature, if not particularly smart or cunning, and would gladly give his life to save Janardan. Although he's very much into self-preservation, obedience and fealty to his master is much more important. Especially when he gets praise in return.

Greer is also uncommonly curious and attentive. Although he sticks to his master's side at all times, his mind will often wander to the other words of people. He can't understand them very well, but he's become adept at mimicking them, in much the same manor as a parrot, and will gleefully bark what words he 'learned' to his master whenever Janardan bids him to do so. He enjoys talking, even if he doesn't understand much of what he's saying. He likes the sound of it. Perhaps some of Janardan's own vanity has rubbed off on him.

Abilities: Empathic Telepathy. Magic Immunity. Verbal Speech (nonsentient).


The Lomeelian god of destruction seeks supremacy over Lomeelas. Janardan, as The Lord of Venial, is offered the chance at an alliance.
Old/incomplete story. Summation of events and unwritten ending are included in Janardan's background tab.


Ornate letters arrive at the Heimdall and Refugium, inviting leaders and their chosen candidates to attend an important clutch.