Planet Zar: Nexus


CLASSIFICATION Sapient Mammalian, Biological Construct
SIZE 2'-3' at shoulder
DIET Herbivorous
LIFESPAN ~50 Years


Noulicorns are deer-like unicorns, growing to 2-3' at the shoulder (roughly the size of a japanese sika deer). Bucks are generally, but not always, larger than does. They are herbivorous, highly intelligent, and (for the most part) a social species. Nouls do not have a formal social structure - like herds or clans. Ascended noulicorns are looked at for guidance and leadership when it is required, but there are no definite ranks within noulicorn society.

Noulicorns come in a variety of colors and patterns controlled by genetics. Eyes can be any color, but are never neon or excessively bright. Horns are always a very pale shade, but can be any color.

Noulicorn are all born knowing their innate purpose is to heal Vykeli. Some are drawn to unlock their magical gifts at a young age, and others wait until later in life. Noulicorns are considered true adults when they make the journey to Grandfather Tree and receive their spirit vision.

It is highly unusual for a noulicorn to not feel the need to help heal the planet. These nouls are often exiled into the barrens. They do not receive their gift from Grandfather Tree. There is something obviously wrong with these nouls. They can be easily recognized by a dark colored horn.



The initial rank gained after a noulicorn completes their visit to the Grandfather Tree. Apprentices have weak magic and using their abilities exhausts them quickly.


Adepts are noulicorns who work diligently to hone their gifts. They've dedicated their time and energy into healing Vykeli. They have better control over their gifts, stronger abilities, and more magical stamina.

Adepts are easily recognized by their special markings: a fantastical flourish somewhere on their bodies in the color that represents their gift.


The Ascended are rare and powerful, with mastery over their gifts. They've made significant progress in healing Vykeli and Grandfather Tree rewards them for their efforts with the gift of flight.

The Ascended are given flight-capable wings.



the power over bodies of water, both still (as in lakes and ponds) and running (rivers and springs)

Aqua users control water found on the earth, rather than the skies as with atmos users. They can change tides and flow, summon springs, and drain water from flooded areas.

Aqua users are deep and ponderous, swelling with hunger for knowledge. They flow with the tide and handle change with an unflappable attitude. What comes, comes, and an Aqua user will be ready to accept it. They can be deeply philosophical and desire to leave no question unanswered, but their patience is legendary.

Aqua is represented by the color deep blue


The power over insects, arachnids, myriapods, and crustaceans.

Arthropod users control… well.. Arthropods! They can use powers and abilities unique to arthropod animals, such as exoskeletons and communication through chemical trails.

Arthropod users are hardy, they can weather changes and disasters and still come out ready to face the world. While their personalities vary greatly, most are hard-working and industrious. Arthropod users don’t always go looking for a challenge, but they like to be prepared when one presents itself!

Arthropod is represented by the color olive.


the power over air and water, to create weather changes and clear pollution

Atmos users control the weather - affecting winds, rain, storms, and snow. The most powerful users can call down thunderstorms and hurricanes, and clear entire forests of air pollution.

Atmos users are, in a word, lively. Ever-changing and always moving, the atmos user doesn’t like to be tied down. They can be temperamental and always feel their emotions strongly - positive and negative. There are rarely half-measures with an Atmos user.

Atmos is represented by the color grey-blue


The power over plants

Botanic users can speed up the growth of plants, spread pollen, and heal plants that are dying or sick. Plants tend to sway to their desires, as if innately connected to them.

Botanic users are often introverted and quiet, preferring their own company or the company of plants to others. They are nurturing and adaptable, but can also be quick to judge.

Botanic is represented by the color green


the power of fungi, decay, & decomposition

Fungal users abilities are integral to the rehabilitation of Vykeli now that more and more species are being resurrected. They control the growth of fungi and aid in the decomposition of the recently deceased, allowing their bodies to help the world even after death.

Often reserved but never sullen, Fungal users are known for their quiet cooperation. They are creative, adaptive, and diligent workers. They are not afraid of being social outliers and often enjoy the company of others as an observer rather than participant.

Fungal is represented by the color plum


the power of heat and light

Solar users’ abilities are subtle but powerful. They control temperatures and light, capable of turning a dark and desolate landscape into a bright plain ready to be filled with life.

Solar users are like the sun for which they’ve been named - warm, bright, and ever-present. They are often curious and love to learn. They tend to be genial and high spirited, but when wronged their wrath is infamous.

Solar is represented by the color yellow


the power of light, vision, and color

Those gifted with Spectrum are granted abilities pertaining to vision and light. They can dispels shadows, brighten the darkness, and alter the appearance of physical objects by distorting the light around them. Nothing is hidden from a Spectrum user, as their sight is aided by magic.

Many might consider spectrums flighty, but what they truly hate is monotony. A new adventure everyday keeps a spectrum user happy. Spectrums are often artistic, imbued with an innate desire to create and a preference for visual mediums. Some spectrum users are chaotic and disorganized, but never mind that, they can always find whatever it is they're looking for.

Spectrum is represented by the color pale lavender


The power of healing and resurrection

Vivify users can mend wounds, heal illnesses, soothe pain, and at their most powerful levels even resurrect the dead. Their power is over animals, effecting noulicorns, familiars, and others alike.

Vivify users tend to be extroverted. They enjoy surrounding themselves with company. They are empathetic toward others, but can also be controlling and overprotective. Some vivify users are notably ambitious.

Vivify is represented by the color red