Planet Zar: Nexus




Name Bujoca Gender Female
Species Defore Pronouns she/her
Age Adult Affinity Waterfall
Height: 2'4" at shoulder Rank: Acolyte
Residence The Refugium Occupation Hydroball Player
Origin Anygh


Bujoca chose to relocate from Anygh in order to experience all the wonders modern technology has to offer. She has a keen mind for infrastructure and mechanics and set herself to learning a technical trade as soon as she was old enough to do so. Her deft fingers are excellent at getting into hard to reach spots and when water is in the way, all it takes is a little bit of magic to fix that issue. She loves her job and takes joy in the chance to wriggle through the Refugium's aqueducts. Unlike many aquatic residence that reside in the oceanic biodome, Bujoca merely spends the majority of her time there. While she has waterbreathing abilities, her lungs are better adapted to life above the surf, so she's made her home in the nearby, smaller lake level.

Bujoca is endlessly curious and inventive, she loves taking things apart to see how they tick. Her joy in discovery is only tampered by her love for sport. She's an avid hydroball player and a great asset to her team. She's perpetually grinning and outgoing, always the first to welcome new teammates to the fold. She tends to be genial and kindly, with nary a mean bone in her flexible little body. She's accepting of everyone and doesn't shy away from people who are wildly different from herself. After all, there aren't too many defore running around the Refugium and most visitors react without aplomb at the giant, brightly colored, otter-like creature. She knows what it feels like to be discarded and she doesn't want anyone else to experience that.



Quadreped to anthromorphic form


Able to breathe while underwater, despite lacking gills


the ability to speak verbally, rather than telepathically


As a water-aligned acolyte, Bujoca can summon 1 one water elemental spirit per day, which manifests for 10 minutes. She can ask this spirit to perform tasks for her, attack enemies, or send a message to someone Bujoca can picture clearly in her mind.


Bujoca knows a few basic-level waterfall spells.
+ Cascade: The user alters the direction of a torrent of water, able to control enough to sweep an enemy off their feet or dislodge a medium sized obstacle.
+ Misty Spray: A fog of splattering water erupts at the user's feet, cloaking them in an impenetrable mist



Licinia and Bujoca decide to head to Lantessama to stand for a nekrat clutch.

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