Planet Zar: Nexus




Name Gruyt Gender Female
Species Nekrat Pronouns she/her
Age Adult Color Sand
Length: 20'0" Size Class: Medium-Short
Residence The Refugium Occupation Hydroball Player
Origin Lantessama


Gruyt's main philosophy in life is to love and accept everyone who who they are. She's open-minded and takes differences in stride, responding with "that's groovy" to any information that may have been initially been shocking. As long as no one's getting hurt, everyone ought to be free to live their lives they way they want to, right? For her part, Gruyt is as a laid-back as they come, lacking her bond's industrious mind-set Gruyt prefers to spend her time lazing in warm sand with the sun on her back. She's a napping queen and is content to idle away her days in lethargy.

When she is inspired to move about, boy is she a quick one! She's taken a shine to hydroball and has proven herself to be a fast-moving, motivated player, even if she's a bit uncoordinated in her youth. She doesn't care if she wins and loses, she's simply here to put her best fin forward and enjoy the game. Gruyt loves the camaraderie the sport inspires, appreciating any activity that brings people together through fun and kindness. Sometimes her lackadaisical approach to winning pits her against her own team mates and Gruyt doesn't handle animosity well. She's more likely to quit and step away than she is to confront anyone who's upset with her.



the ability to speak mind-to-mind



Wild Clutch #4