Planet Zar: Nexus




Name Dabir Diovo Kasprus Gender Male
Species Human Pronouns he/him
Age 24 Height: 6'2"
Residence Lomeelas, Opine Occupation Priest of Zaifeth
Class Sorcerer Subclass Aberrant Mind


A proud and dutiful man, Dabir has dedicated his life to serving Zaifeth and the nation of Opine. While his loyalty to his nation is unquestionable, unshakable, he cannot deny he enjoys the position of priest and champion of Zaifeth for the prestige it gives him. Dabir is prideful, perhaps even vain, and enjoys being admired for his accomplishments. He cares a great deal about his reputation and one of his greatest fears is failing Zaifeth and being publicly ousted or outcast from Opine. He feels strongly about honor and trust,  and is determined to never break his word to someone. His loyalty is often hard-earned, competing with his zealous admiration for his nation and god, but he is a true ally once friendship is formed.

Dabir is meticulous, perfectionist, and critical of himself and others. His standards are difficult for even himself to achieve and he never stops striving to improve. He's a cunning man who utilizes pragmatism and believes in outwitting his enemies rather than striking with brute force. He's aware of his limitations and capabilities and is practical about his uses in battle. Dabir is a practiced strategist who believes strongly in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of his team mates. He's an excellent team player and fits himself into a group like a well-oiled cog. After all, he's physically weak and lacks defensive measures, so he needs other people to be his most effective. He enjoys the company of others but rarely forms strong attachments. His love and loyalty take time to develop. Never-the-less, he is charismatic and kindly toward his allies. He loves making himself useful and well-liked.

Dabir's pride makes him willful and headstrong. He has difficulty giving the reins of leadership to someone else. He doesn't necessarily want authority over others but he believes in himself and his knowledge to find the correct course of action and is difficult to sway from his decisions. He's confident in his abilities and while aware of his physical limitations, he has difficulty accepting his imperfections in other areas. He defers easily to authority figures but can be controlling otherwise.

Dabir knows the true origin of his family's sorcerous powers. The entity is an incomprehensible mind horror that planted its mind spores in a Kasprus five generations ago. It is parasitically bound to those whose blood it runs through and feeds off the life energy of beings defeated by its magic. Dabir has considered whether it could be cured via magical restoration or disease dispelling but fears losing his usefulness if he no longer has magic. He's determined to never have children of his own because of this and has no idea if any of his other family members are aware of the Entity and it's slowly accumulating power.


Dabir was born to a middle-class family in the large, industrial town of Paleah. He was a middle child among six siblings and although his upbringing was loving and supportive, Dabir always felt overshadowed by his numerous siblings. Never quite obtaining the attention or admiration he desired.

Sorcery runs in Dabir's bloodline. His father was magically gifted, as were several of his siblings. The Kasprus family were once touched by an alien psionic entity that gifted them with magic that passes reliably through generations.

A young priest of Zaifeth, eager to prove his usefulness and loyalty. Even as a child Dabir was particularly zealous in his worship of Zaifeth and eager to earn accolades and praise for his faith. He left his home village in his early adolescence to offer himself as an acolyte to Zaifeth's temple. He was turned away in his youth and sent to prove himself by following Zaifeth's tenets. If he could display strength, courage, and passion in all things that he did, Zaifeth would accept him as a priest.

Dabir joined a young adventuring group, The Shadow Flames (look, they were all angsty teens at the time), all of whom were looking for approval of Zaifeth or Tyris (god of logic) in hopes of earning the gods' favor. They spent several years travelling the continent of Opine and aiding its people, with frequent visits to Zaifeth and Tyris' temples in hopes of improving their standing. Eventually, members of the Shadow Flames were considered worthy of becoming priests and champions, including Dabir himself. The Shadow Flames dissolved, with several members moving to the capitol and Tyris' temples, while others remained under Zaifeth's banner. The seven remain fast friends and are frequently in contact with one another.

Now, with Cassimir, the god of destruction, on the rampage through all of Lomeelas, destroying temples and dethroning gods, Dabir has been sent from the temple once more to acquire allies and demolish Cassimir's servants wherever they breach the coasts of Opine.

Spells & Abilities


Dabir releases a calming aura that removes fear or charm from any targeted creatures, and makes them indifferent toward creatures they were hostile toward


This spell can effect up to 3 creatures of Dabir's choice, instanteously causing them to fall asleep for a period of up to 10 minutes


With effort, Dabir can read the minds of those within 30 feet of him. Surface thoughts are easiest to glean but if he exerts himself he can probe deeper. He can also use this ability to detect thinking creatures within the 30 foot range.


A fountain of churned earth and stone erupts within a 20-foot range, damaging creatures caught within it


Dabir can turn himself completely invisible for up to 1 hour per day


Dabir can cast light on a small object, causing it to emit bright light in a 20 foot radius, and dim light an additional 20 feet


Dabir summons a temporary magical force that protects him from physical and magical attacks.


A spectral, floating hand appears for up to 1 minute, which Dabir can control to manipulate objects. The hand must remain within 30 feet of Dabir or it vanishes.


Dabir drives a disorienting spike of psychic energy into one creature he can see, causing pain and confusion in the target.


Dabir lashes out with a whip of physic energy, causing pain and physic damage. Failing to resist this effect will cause temporary paralysis in the target


Dabir can create a telepathic link between himself and one other person, which lasts for 5 minutes and works as long as Dabir and the target are within 5 miles of one another.


Creates a variety of minor magical affects such as small sensory illusions, chilling or heating a small amount of non-living matter, and instantaneously cleaning an object or person


Dabir summons an invisible magical barrier that protects him from all attacks for a short period of time


Electricity springs from Dabir's hands, causing pain and damage and temporarily slowing the target's reactions.


Dabir can cast spells without utilizing verbal or somatic components


Dabir summons a circle of spectral blades that strike out at anything within 5 feet of him



Vella Crean Search Story

Aara and Dabir aid the young godling Persze in controlling his powers.

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Temple of Zaifeth

Zaifeth is the Lomeelian deity of Strength, Courage, and Passion. Dabir is one of her many priests and is allied with her acolytes and ideals. He is on her side in the fight against Cassimir and his forces of destruction.

The Shadow Flames

Disolved Adventuring Party

The adventuring party of Dabir's youth. He continues to be friends with all previous members and keeps in regular contact with them. Several members remain close to him under Zaifeth's temple.

Members: Aara, Dabir, Dardanah, Faraz, Iryana, Leila, and Ranish