Planet Zar: Nexus

Refugium Staff



The founder and lead director of the Refugium. Kutoth is an elusive character who prefers to remain behind the scenes. While he's friendly and cordial enough when he does interact with visitors, he prefers to stay out of the limelight. He has a dark history he feels he must atone for, which is part of his motivation or organizing the Refugium to begin with.


While his father Kutoth is the founder of the Refugium, Janardan is the face. He's ever-present, involved in most of the Refugium's projects, and always on the look out for new opportunities. He is charismatic and charming, but is strict about the Refugium's rules and dislikes shenanigans. Janardan has a commanding presence, made all the more intimidating by his constant companion, the tralvisk Greer.

Dr. Krum

While not directly involved with the Refugium, Dr. Krum is a frequent visitor and often aids in genetic alterations and research within the Refugium's labs. Her insights on species conservation and artificial genetic diversity have been invaluable to the sanctuary. In exchange for her aid and technology, Dr. Krum often requests the usage of the Refugium's spacious biomes to host clutches designed for her mercenary organization, the Heimdall.


An ambassador and spokesperson for the Refugium, Zeraya'tya is always polite and professional, if a little cold. She knows the Nexus' feelings about hydras and strives to prove the stereotypes incorrect. She is always present to greet important visitors.

Search Riders

Enarnys & Tosetien

Enarnys searches for those who love to learn, regardless of their walk of life. If someone has an interest in new or previously unknown dragon species, they'll catch Enarnys' attention. While Enarnys himself doesn't mind taking candidates that may be morally corrupt, his bond absolutely will not permit anyone with ill intentions to join them on the Refugium.


Although her duties largely lean toward finding and rescuing endangered species, L'ledax has been known to pick up suitable candidates in her travels. She considers herself and excellent judge of character and has no reservations against putting potential candidates through their paces.

Paca & Madigass

A tiny, manipulative alien and her xenodragon bond. Paca looks for candidates who are competent and show the required skills needed for taking care of a dragon. She doesn't care if you're kind or an asshole, as long as she's sure a candidate won't drop a baby dragon on its head. And if she thinks a candidate is good enough, she may just drag them along against their will.


A kind-hearted dragon mutt who loves to explore, Sorin will pick up just about anyone in his travels and return them to the Refugium. He has a strong moral code but if he believes someone can be redeemed by bonding with a dragon, he'll search them regardless of their wrong-doings. He largely prefers people with good intentions, but he's easy to trick.

Tao & Vekpoiedae

Tao and Vek have no patience for reluctant candidates who need persuading. They're here to spread the word of the Refugium's purpose and pick up anyone who wants to come along with them.

Visitor Service


A terrible flirt, but one who knows her way around the station. She works in visitor services on and off as the fancy strikes her. She knows all the best places to hang out while you're waiting for your clutch to hatch.


A worldly and well-traveled dragon who loves acquiring new stories about the nexus' inhabitants. Dierath strives to go the extra mile for Refugium visitors and candidates, making certain they are comfortable and well equipped with everything they desire for an optimally enjoyable experience.

Eukith & Tiax

A pair of hybrid twins who are almost always available at the visitor center. Eukith is professional and helpful, while her brother Tiax is sometimes overly friendly... But boy will he go out of his way to help accommodate visitors!



A no-nonsense wasp shifter and his well trained tralvisk companion. Chief Security Officer Ixu can be found on any deck, keeping a wary eye on all proceedings and visitors.

Rawori & Koper

Head Security Officer for the Oceanic biodome, Rawori is specially adapted to protect water-themed clutches. He's used to putting up with inane questions and has a lot of patience despite his gruff exterior. His nekrat bond is always happy to strike up a conversation with anyone who comes by.

Tabanthpsy & Morticum

A xenomorph-shifter and his bipedra bond, Tabanthpsy and Morticum make a formidable team that are comfortable striking fear in ne'er-do-wells. The pair both have quick tempers and a penchant for violence given the slightest opportunity to whip into action. Tabanthpsy in particular despises other xenomorphs and will be prickly toward any xenodragons that visit the station.