Planet Zar: Nexus




Name Vargui Nominzol Gender Masc Non-binary
Species Human Pronouns they/them, he/him
Age 21 Height: 5'7"
Residence The Vella Crean Occupation Diplomat, Volunteer


A flower child raised in the midst of war. Vargui's most powerful trait is their resilient kindness. A true pacifist, Vargui has never raised a fist against another person and believes whole-heartedly they'll never have to. They dream of a future where peace is achieved and truly stable, but for now they do their part to help those injured by the Death Court wars. Vargui is insightful and attentive to the needs of others. They understand people heal in different ways and are always willing to help them through their journey. They're a supportive presence, nonjudgmental and patient, with time to spare to listen to vents.

Optimism paints Vargui's actions. They carry an unshakable hope for a better future and refuse to be dragged down by dire present situations. Someone will come out the other end. As long as there's people, there's possibility for change. Vargui enjoys quiet moments in nature and loves having opportunities to admire life's simple pleasures. They love soft, floral scents and keep fresh yellow flowers wherever they happen to be working or living at the moment.

While Vargui has unshakable faith in humanity they lack the same resolve for themself. Vargui is deeply insecure, questioning their usefulness in the long wrong, if they're doing more harm than good to the people they try to help. If they're truly liked by anyone. They're willing to stretch themself to the limit to earn friendships but has a tendency to be try hard, which can ring insincere. They're highly sensitive to criticism and don't recover easily when they're rejected.


Born of mixed heritage. Vargui's mother was a dragon-rider bonded to a Dark Court green, who herself is of pernese heritage. Their father was a dragonless human space explorer of mixed Nexus lineage who settled down with his wife on the Vella Crean after many years of long distance courtship.

Vargui's mother fought in the Death Court wars and was eventually lost to them. Vargui was 9 when she died and was raised solely by his father after that.

 Rather than giving in to anger and hatred for the Death Courts over the loss of their mother, Vargui's desire for peace became even more pronounced.

In their adolescence, Vargui spent much of his time reaching out to other children who lost their parents. They always made time to befriend those who felt lost and isolated.

Despite their parents allegiance with the Dark Court Vargui felt pulled toward the Blood Court's ideals.

In late adolescence and early adulthood Vargui becomes involved in the Blood Court's fosterage program, acting as a "big sibling" for the orphanage and volunteering their time and effort in whatever ways were most useful.