The Refugium caters to rare and endangered dragon species of all types. Any dragon or bonding-creature may use the biodomes to clutch, and the Refugium's services to gather suitable candidates. The Refugium will do all the required advertising for prospective parents, so they need only worry about caring for their eggs.

Mixed breeding and mutt clutches are permitted, especially when they involve an otherwise rare species. The Refugium believes in increasing the genetic diversity of bottle-necked populations.

Flights take place in the biodomes, in specified open air chambers that allow for plenty of height and distance when flying. Most have challenging obstacles to keep potential chasers on their toes.


  1. Any dragon species adopted from the Refugium may fly here.

  2. Dragon species from other agencies may also fly here with the permission from their species creator and artist. The Refugium is focused on rare and endangered species, so only unusual or hybrid clutches of common dragon species (such as pernese dragons) will be accepted.

  3. Where possible, the Refugium is happy to help with same-sex and otherwise biologically incompatible breedings. Their highly trained team of bioengineers and geneticists are here to lend their hands!

  4. Flight stories are welcome but not required at the Refugium. The Refugium will not supply a flight story for you.

  5. You may only apply for a breeding with dragons you own or have express permission to use. I will require proof of permission for any dragon not owned by the applicant.

  6. Both established couples and traditional flights (wherein you send in a riser and other applicants send in chasers) are permitted. For traditional flights, the riser is required to be an endangered/unique species. Common/featureless dragon species such as pernese and alskyrian dragons won't be permitted as risers. Risers may also include requirements for their chasers (eg. runners only, no hydras, etc).

  7. Flights will be open for 1 month or until the required number of chasers is reached. The riser will then be required to pick a winner.

  8. Dragons are required to be adults to apply for a flight.