Planet Zar: Nexus




Name Aara Hedayati Gender Female
Species Fire Genasi Pronouns she/her
Age 25 Height: 5'5"
Residence Lomeelas, Opine Occupation Champion of Zaifeth
Class Paladin Subclass Oath of Devotion


Aara is a young fire genasi with a savior complex that could span the ocean. She's an eager acolyte, faithful to a fault, ready to use sword and shield to protect her people and her friends. She has a lot to prove in her youthful inexperience, and throws herself full bore into every challenge she faces. Her joyful optimism is infectious and she's never faced a fight she couldn't figure out. She accepts defeat gracefully among her peers but will continue to her death when standing off against enemies. Aara would readily lay down her life to keep her loved ones safe and uphold the ideals of Opine and its gods. She loves her kin and country with all her heart and never misses an opportunity to express her passion.

Aara's gregarious nature accompanies an easy charm and warm disposition. She enjoys people and is happiest in loud, lively environments. She's rarely bashful and loves experiencing new things - just as eager to dance with strangers as she is to delve into mysterious ruins. Aara does nothing halfheartedly. She's loud and boisterous at the best of times, physically affectionate with friends and acquaintances, and sometimes crosses lines because of her own easy nature. She forgets to take into consideration other people's comforts.

Her extroverted extravagance belies a highly intelligent woman. Aara is discerning of character and reads people well. She chooses her true friends carefully but has no issues keeping her enemies close. She has great emotional wisdom and believes in openness and honesty with her teammates. Secrets break bonds and there's no room for that while watching someone's back. While she's capable of being friendly with everyone, Aara is judgmental and unforgiving. She doesn't believe in second chances or that people can truly change.


Aara grew up in Nefeld, a small farming village in south-eastern Opine. She was the only child to a pair of farmers, who themselves lived with Aara's maternal grandparents. Her grandparents had once been successful adventurers and retired to the countryside for a quieter life to raise a family of their own. Aara made fast friends with many of the village's other children and worked hard helping her family manage their farm.

Aara's skill with a sword and shield were honed at a young age. Her abilities as a fighter came naturally to her. She became a paladin proper during her time with the Shadow Flames. Once of their adventures involved returning a lost relic to Zaifeth's temple, where she an her party unearthed a cabal of corruption - faux priests using Zaifeth's name to control the population of an industry town. The Shadow Flames brought justice to the townsfolk and defeated the cabal. Upon their return to Zaifeth's temple, they were granted an audience with Zaifeth herself, who gave her blessings to those in the party that desires them. To Aara, she granted a seed of radiance that would allow her to develop magical abilities.

Aara has always been an adventurous spirit with a taste for heroism. Her maternal grandparents were both adventurers who fought under Zaifeth's banner, and Aara was enraptured by their tales of harrowing quests and epic battles. She knew as a child that she wanted to follow in their footsteps. Her grandparents taught her swordsmanship despite Aara's parents misgivings.

At sixteen, she left home with provisions and supplies from her grandparents and set off to make herself a hero. Trials were difficult on her own and she faced many defeats in her early days, but she soon found like-minded people and became part of a novice adventuring group. They named themselves the Shadow Flames - in part because of Aara's fire genasi heritage, and also due to the darker nature of some members' magical abilities. Being edgy was really cool at the time guys, you wouldn't understand.

Aara was loyal to her team mates, courageous in the face of enemies, and always willing to stand up for those weaker than her. She never backed down from a challenge.

With Cassimir, God of Destruction, trying to overtake Lomeelas, Aara's sense of adventure is no longer playful. She serves a serious purpose and is driven to keep Cassimir away from her home. She's determined to grow her own powers as much as she can so she can be of great use in the coming battles.

Aara still loves Nefeld and visits the farming village and her family as frequently as she can. Much of her love for Opine and her desire to protect her world originates with wanting to keep her home safe from the dangers Cassimir presents. To Aara, Nefeld is the epitome of the perfect life. The idyll place to live. She carries deep feelings of nostalgia for it and her childhood play fighting with wooden swords through the wheat fields.

Spells & Abilities


Aara can shoot a cone of flame from her hands, igniting any creature or object within its path


Aara is immune to all non-magical diseases and illnesses


Aara is resistant to damage from fire


Aara can see in heat spectrum, allowing her vision in complete darkness


By touching another person, Aara can heal their minor wounds and ailments


By laying her hands on a person, Aara can cure a disease or negative effect (such as temporary blindness, paralysis, or poisoning)


Aara can produce fire in her hands at will, which does not damage her or her equipment. She can hurl this flame at a target to burn them


Aara can summon an invisible barrier that wards a creature of their choice from direct attacks


Aara summons a spectral shield that encompasses a creature of their choice, bolstering their defenses


Aara creates a magical zone of a 15  foot radius that guards against deception. Creatures within the zone are incapable of speaking deliberate lies.



Vella Crean Search Story

Aara and Dabir aid the young godling Persze in controlling his powers.

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Temple of Zaifeth

Zaifeth is the Lomeelian deity of Strength, Courage, and Passion. Aara is one of her many champions and is allied with her acolytes and ideals. She is on Zaifeth's side in the fight against Cassimir and his forces of destruction.

The Shadow Flames

Disolved Adventuring Party

The adventuring party of Zaifeth's youth. She continues to be friends with all previous members and keeps in regular contact with them. Several members remain close to her under Zaifeth's temple.

Members: Aara, Dabir, Dardanah, Faraz, Iryana, Leila, and Ranish