Planet Zar: Nexus

Candidate Arrival

Candidates may arrive at the Refugium of their own accord, following the station's many advertisements for available clutches, or may be searched by the Refugium's resident team of candidate seekers.

All candidates arrive at the Refugium via its Hangar Bay, where they'll be greeted by one of the visitor service assistants. Candidates may enjoy their stay in Janos City or one of the candidate housing complexes located in the biodome levels. The Refugium also offers permanent residence to any candidates who successfully bond.

Visitor Center

The hangar bay leads directly to the visitor center, a wide, round chrome desk occupied by the Refugium's friendliest faces. Candidates arriving at the station can request local transportation and housing from the center. Visitor service assistants are always happy to help in any way that's required.

All candidates are given a comm button that will alert them when their presence is required on the clutching sands. Candidates are permitted access to the hangar bay, biodome decks, and Janos city. The research labs and engineering decks are off limits without a security escort.


Complimentary Housing

Comfortable and simple. Consists of a single species-appropriate room with sleeping quarters, kitchenette, and toileting facilities. Biometric locks are installed for security of residents. Integrated viewing screens offer a wide variety of entertainment and respond to voice commands for customer service. Food and drink are supplied without cost.

Luxury Housing

While complimentary candidate housing is free, individuals can choose to upgrade to the luxury package for a VIP experience. Luxury housing consists of multi-room species-appropriate quarters with state of the art food replication units. Additional facilities include gaming rooms, personal gym equipment, swimming pools, and personalized lifts to the clutching sands. Food and drink are supplied without cost.


Arrived early and looking for something to do? The Refugium offers a wide selection of activities for visitors and residents.

Janos City boasts several virtual reality arcades and a stunning, active nightlife. There are clubs that cater to all manner of species and interests. Theaters and holodecks offer an evening of viewing entertainment.

For those who prefer quieter hobbies, Janos City has a large natural history museum which has hundreds of displays of extinct draconic species collected throughout the universe.

The ocean biodome deck also hosts regular games of professional hydroball, always good for a rousing bout of excitement!

Candidates can check out both local and foreign cuisine in Janos City's Eatery District.

Clutching Sands

Each biodome deck has its own set of clutching "sands", although they're sometimes not very sandy at all! Clutching sands are accessible by registered candidates who wish to visit the eggs and potentially impress an unborn dragons. Clutch parents are often handy, but in the event parents aren't available clutches are looked after by egg nannies.

Clutching sands always have a security officer or two present. Any attempt to damage or steal the eggs will be dealt with swiftly and severely. Candidates caught doing so will be immediately removed from the Refugium.